"To say that changing our program over to Creative Abundance has been  life changing sounds cheesy – but it’s true!  The excitement and  enthusiasm that they brought to the program has transformed the way our  consumers feel about their day program.  Watching the interaction,  creativity, and talents grow on a daily basis is amazing.  People who  have been known in the past to be a wall flower are now out in the  community spreading the message about the new and exciting things that  we are working on.  The end result has been a tremendous amount of  community outreach that we really struggled to achieve in the past. Our  local community has embraced our effort and  industries are finding it  easy to partner with us for their “upcycle-able”  items that they  otherwise would have gotten rid of.  The collaboration has created a new  buzz for us – something all agencies are always trying to pursue!" - Michelle Leonard-Smith, CEO/Executive Director of Abilities Services in Crawfordsville, IN 

 "Susan and Patty are incredibly talented consultants. Their time with  our organization exceeded my expectations, and I'm grateful for all they  taught us. Our staff, the individuals we support, our Board members and  the people of the community were all thrilled with the work of the  Creative Abundance team." - Molly Little, CEO of ARC of Delaware County in Walton, NY 

 "Choice...we make hundreds of choices every day. People with  intellectual disabilities have few self-determined choices. Patty and  Susan opened our eyes. People with intellectual disabilities are  overlooked, underestimated and certainly under appreciated. For the past  61 years, OV has given tens of thousands of people w disabilities  tools and choices they need to live productive and more community  engaged lives. However, after meeting Patty and Susan, it became  abundantly clear that Opportunity Village could open the doors even  wider to choices that offer more community inclusion, creativity and  income, even for people who are multiply and profoundly disabled.  Creative Abundance and the thought that creativity comes in many, many  forms, is the path to more social and financial independence starts with  choice. Thank you Susan and Patty, because of you and your efforts,  Opportunity Village has established NOVA-New Opportunities for Visionary  Art. It isn’t simply a program, it has become our culture." - Linda Smith, Former Associate Executive Director at Opportunity Village in Las Vegas, NV