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Not just for workshoppers
This  book has important things to say to people connected to sheltered  workshops, either as givers of services or recipients of services. I am  not one of those people. What I discovered is that this book has  important things to say to EVERYONE! When we approach life from a  position of the recognition that there is an abundance of creativity in  ourselves and everyone around us, boredom is banished, the tedium of  being vanishes, the way becomes open for every day to be pregnant with  possibility, and each of us becomes excited with exploration and  available to collaboration and fulfillment. The authors should re-title  this book. May I humbly the suggest the following: "Upcycling Life: A  Revolutionary Approach to Transforming Existence into Creative  Discovery." Who wouldn't want to do that?

Must read
This  book is a must read for people who work with individuals with  disabilities. The pictures bring the text to life and add an extra  special element to the book. I am looking forward to sharing this book  with my co-workers and friends.

True Innovation for Sheltered Workshops and More
I  know authentic when I read it. Dlouhy and Mitchell share the Abundance  Model through their own hands-on experience and make it easy to take  steps toward transforming organizations. The book makes the case that  change is inevitable in the developmental disabilities world and  provides a great road map to get it done. It's an easy read where the  pictures tell the story.

Upcycled Sheltered Workshops
This  is a wonderful book. What the women who wrote it are doing is just  incredible - and they are spreading the word all over the world. The  full colour photographs are beautiful. The art is amazing. How real it  is to help people who so many just write off, to become productive  working artists making an income! And what a terrific way to upcycle  discarded materials. I just love this book. Thank you Susan and Patty  for the amazing work you do, and for this wonderful book.

I  love this book! As someone who has worked in non-profit social service  and art related fields for over 25 years, I am invigorated and inspired  by the suggestions and vision that Susan Dlouhy and Patty Mitchell share  with us. Thank you!

Great Read!
This  book is one of the most thoughtful and creative books I have read in a  while. “Upcycling Sheltered Workshops” is the perfect book for anyone  starting up or currently running their own adult vocational business.


Documentary Reviews


"Creative Abundance, a documentary that opens your eyes and fills up  your heart, provides an authentic look at what people can imagine and  do. Through the work of innovators and imagineers Patty Mitchell and  Susan Dlouhy we can be inspired to do more, make more, and play more.  Creative Abundance captures the possibilities that we all need as we  work with people in and through the arts." - Donna Collins, Executive  Director, Ohio Arts Council

"The Creative Abundance  Model speaks to the heart of every individual who dreams of expression  or self-determination. And those who have not yet had that opportunity.  Patty and Susan are creating a more inclusive, meaningful, and equal  society. This work and documentary are changing institutional culture;  they are building grassroots and grasstops advocates. It's a must see  for anyone interested in opening up the possibilities of personal value  and happiness." - Erin Hoppe, Executive Director, Very Special Arts Ohio

“The  Creative Abundance Documentary film demonstrated, perfectly, a great  approach to meeting an individual where they are at, in order to achieve  maximum connection to the community.  The documentary’s demonstration  of the use of individual expression and exploring interests and talents  of people with disabilities was clear and effective.  It was evident  from the documentary there are untapped abilities in people being  exposed to this model.  The documentary clearly painted a clear picture  that if individuals are allowed to chart their own course, they will  succeed and exceed their potential.  The documentary has inspired our  organization to explore new, more robust opportunities for the people we  serve.  We intend to do so.” - Jim Allbaugh, Carey Services, Marion,  Indiana

"This not-to-be-missed documentary will  forever change how you think about the human spirit and the limits of  our social values. With an uplifting lens, this film poignantly shows  the contrast between assumptions and realized potential when people with  intellectual disabilities are given wide artistic spaces in which to  create genius. If I had a sheltered workshop that needed to be  "upcycled," I would bring Susan and Patty in. Tomorrow."  - Ann Cameron  Williams, PhD, CEO, ao Strategies, Chicago, IL