Consulting Team

Patty Mitchell


 Patty Mitchell is the Chief Executive  Officer of Creative Abundance Consulting.  She has worked for more than  20 years as an artist and social innovator, specializing in  collaborations between artists with and without perceived differences.   She founded one of the first collaborative art studios in the country  in 1998 - Passion Works Studio in Athens, OH (  After a ten-year hiatus, she recently returned as the CEO/Executive  Director.

Patty Mitchell received a Distinguished Alumna Award  from Ohio University’s College of Fine Art. In 2010, she received  an Ohioana Citation for Art and Education, which recognizes outstanding  Ohioans in a variety of fields.  She has also received an Individual  Artist Award from the Ohio Arts Council, Citizen of the Year from Athens  Civitan, and The Keystone Award from Ohio University for outstanding  community service. Patty Mitchell received her BFA and MFA from Ohio  University's Fine Art Photography program. She is currently a Community  Fellow at Ohio University with the Barbara Geralds Storytelling  Institute. 

Susan Dlouhy


 Susan Dlouhy is the Chief Operating  Officer of Creative Abundance Consulting.  She has worked for more than  thirty years in a variety of administrative and executive roles  supporting people with disabilities. She served as the director of two   non-profit agencies in Ohio and has consulted with organizations in  more than 20 states. She is currently the Operations Director for  Passion Works Studio in Athens, Ohio.

Susan Dlouhy worked as the  administrator for a statewide association for twelve years, where she  developed training and provided technical assistance to sheltered  workshops and day programs across Ohio.  She was also a Commission on  Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities surveyor for more than 25  years.

She is the Managing Director of Norwich Consulting  Services, which provides technical assistance and training in the areas  of community employment, strategic planning, and executive leadership  mentoring.  She has served as the interim director for numerous  organizations and has helped transform programming to the Creative  Abundance Model. Susan Dlouhy obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from Kent  State University and her Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling  from The Ohio State University.    

Sara Sherman



Sara Sherman has nearly 30 years of experience serving individuals  with developmental disabilities and other specialized populations. Her  experience includes work in for profit, not for profit, and government;  facilities, home and community based services, housing, case  management/service coordination, provider oversight, compliance, policy  development, individual planning, staff development, operations,  strategic planning, vocational habilitation, grant writing, management,  administration, and more.

Sara works with  businesses and organizations who know their brand and operations need a  refresh in order to standout and remain competitive, but aren’t sure how  to make that happen. She studied brand with Julie Cottineau, Richard  Branson’s former VP of Brand for Virgin and author of “TWIST”.  Sara  “twists” her knowledge of the disability world with proven branding  strategies to revitalize brands and businesses, and set them apart from  the competition.

Sara has been organizing people  and work for decades. Her intuitive business sense is on target, and she  gets to the root of your agency's issues quickly. 
Sara excels at  assessing workflows, streamlining communication, defining outcomes,  solving the right problems, and developing the plans needed to reach  your companies goals.     

Sara holds a bachelor's degree  in Public Relations and a master's in Public Administration. In the  disabilities field Sara has provided residential service, community  employment, case management, housing, program management,  investigations, services and supports, vocational rehabilitation, state  policy development, compliance audits, and more. 

Tina Kelsey



First of all, I am not now, nor have I ever been a princess.   Princesses sit around and look pretty, We all know who does all the  work...the Queen.  I am the Queen of my own little world, and I like it  just fine.

I live in the country, outside of Athens, Ohio  in a small town named Shade. Yep, I have it made in Shade.  

  I  not only clean my own house, but mow the grass  and  plumb the  pipes  as well.  The neighbors have grown accustom to seeing me getting the  mail or riding the mower while sporting a fine tiara. (well maybe not  grown accustom, but they have stopped staring.) 

My Honey  of 12 years, John and I  share our home with many animals. Currently: 3  dogs, 3 cats, 12 chickens 5 ducks and a large tortoise.  
 I have  been designing and making tiaras for 12 years. The first ones as holiday  presents for my Diva girlfriends. Well, the Divas squealed with delight  and proceeded to wear them everywhere.  Their friends saw them, liked  them and the rest is history.

It is a huge blessing that I  can support us by making tiaras.  This is my passion and all I think  about. I finally quit my day job and now I get to live in the land of  tiaras all the time.  Life is good!