About Us


Our Philosophy


Creative Abundance Consulting is based in the innerconnectedness of community and the existing wealth of the creative spirit.


What We Do


Creative  Abundance assists organizations through on-site technical assistance,  training, staff development, and consultation services. Creative  Abundance has developed authentic, and supportive programming that  respects individual interests and creates environments for staff and  administrators to be inventive and responsive.  People are celebrated  for who they are and receive services that anticipate limitless  potential in discovering and expanding individual talents, interests,  employment options, and community involvement.  


Our Process


Creative Abundance Consulting offers  on-site consulting for direct care providers. We transform traditional  care programs into engaging, community oriented art programs. We build  on the talents and interests of individuals being served, staff and your  community’s unique culture. We believe that your program already has  the abundance of creativity needed to make this change, we just help you  discover it! 

 Creative  Abundance helps you identify organizational goals for your program.  Then, we customize leadership training for your staff. During  your two-week onsite consulting experience we demonstrate programming  techniques.  We encourage your organization to actively participate in  transforming your programming. Then we help clearly  identify goals.  Creative Abundance Consulting supports organizations  seeking to meet new Center for Medicaid Services regulations by  discovering natural paths to community involvement, integration and  economic development.

The Creative Abundance Model


The Creative Abundance Model can best be described as a context that  surrounds the way services are provided with and for people  experiencing developmental differences